In today’s day & age technology goes hand in hand with life, as a result it is imperative that the young minds of today are well versed in computing skills. Basic computing knowledge has become an essential requirement in society today. Understanding & responding to this need, Amana International School is equipped with a state of the art computer lab along with highly trained ICT teachers, in order to ensure that students are taught to the best possible ability. Students are encouraged to use, practice & learn these computing skills in an interactive environment at the earliest possible age in order to increase their computer literacy from a young age. We aim to provide a top notch ICT education in order to ensure that students passing out from Amana International will be well equipped with ICT skills that target current labour market needs & job opportunities both internationally and nationally.

Our Library

A well-stocked library is essential to the intellectual growth of young minds. Reading is a cultivated habit which encourages youngsters to think with a broader perspective, allowing them to travel the world without leaving their seats & to reach the stars by simply turning a page. At Amana International School we encourage the students to cultivate the habit of reading to give wings to their imagination. Books provide a wealth of information, knowledge & wisdom which is essential in order to provide students an all-round education. Reading also improves the language skills of youngsters, ensuring that they are fluent in reading & writing of one or more languages. As such we are fully equipped with a library which houses a large range of books, including fiction, learning material, religious readings & non-fictional books for children of all ages; which will provide the students with sound reading material that encourages self-learning & creativity.


Along with a good book based education it is important to ensure that children are encouraged to engage in physical activities & sports. Sporting activates improve the healthiness of young children & encourage team spirit, working together & help to create all-round personalities. Sports & physical exertion help improve young minds by reducing laziness & sleepiness. It helps children to stay fit & alert which in tur helps them to concentrate better on their studies. The well balanced curriculum at Amana International School includes a variety of sports as part of its extra-curricular programme. Both girls & boys are given equal opportunity to take part & enjoy a range of single player sports as well as multi player sports. Physical Education lesson that are part & parcel of the school curriculum are also adhered to, ensuring that we provide the best of the sporting world in terms of safety, discipline, exercise & team spirit.