Amana International School was founded by its managing director Mr. Al Haj K. M. R. Nizamdeen on 5th January 2003, with the vision to nurture and bring to society well rounded citizens. The school aims to cultivate exemplary citizens with a strong faith & sense of responsibility towards the country & people. As a mixed gender Muslim International School, the dress code is in accordance to the faith while girls & boys are taught separately, allowing them equal opportunities in education & extra-curricular activities, while being sensitive to the Islamic Culture.

The curriculum & extra-curricular activities render equal amount of emphasis on knowledge, skills and attitudes which we believe are the focal points of forming good character in future adults. Currently Amana International School is the second home to over a thousand young girls & boys from Grade 1 to Ordinary Level; while the school also includes a subsidiary Montessori for youngsters.

Amana International School boasts of a well formulated extra-curricular programme which offers a range of sports and other activities. The school is also well equipped with excellent facilities, allowing its students the opportunity to learn the ropes regarding the very best of modern equipment and technology. At Amana International School, your son or daughter will receive the best possible education & grooming, to ensure that they become future leaders & empowering citizens. The qualified and experienced academic staff are dedicated towards making sure that your child receives the best possible, all rounded education, to secure a bright & prosperous future for your little bundle of joy.