Welcome to Amana International School

Amana International School is a state of the art educational institute that is a second home to over a thousand girls & boys ranging from grade 1 to Ordinary level. With a vision “To produce disciplined leaders and useful citizens with a deepen sense of gratitude towards the Creator, equipped with constructive Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes in order to face the challenges of the time and cater for the need of the community and beloved Sri Lanka”; Amana International School will groom your child to ensure that they become empowering citizens & future leaders.

Learning activities are conducted in inspiring spaces which promote safe & conducive learning opportunities for students along with an interactive atmosphere within the classroom to allow the students to reap the maximum benefit from the qualified and trained academic staff. The education system provided emphasises on providing students with knowledge, skills and good attitudes through a comprehensive & well-balanced curriculum integrating curricular and co- curricular activities. Amana International School has an English medium curriculum coupled with ICT skills which target the current labour market needs, in order to provide your child with a skill set that will be highly sought after for both national & international careers.

Students here are part of an empowering & inspirational community made up of skilled, keen learners & an academic staff that enjoys imparting knowledge& wisdom to the younger generation. It is with great joy that we, here at Amana International School, look forward to welcoming your child in to the school they will readily call their second home.